Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just blogging

This would be the way I would choose to start my day.  Lucky dog!  As it is, I usually have about an hour of quiet before the CO Boy gets up and begins talking.  You see, once he starts talking for the day, it never ends-:).  I drink my coffee check emails and make a mental list of tasks I need to take care of for the day.  Gershwin and Mercer snuggle on the couch with me and grab a few more winks while all this goes on.

Been missing the ocean lately so this pic seemed perfect.  I wasn't one to take a swim, but I miss the smell and the general sound of it. 

You know how I resisted Facebook for years?  Well, you should always follow your gut instinct. 

I like to blog.

I like the blogging format better than the quick posting of FB. As I mentioned in one of my first FB posts, I finally acquiesced and got a FB page because I wanted to get on Pinterest.  And then I was happy to connect with some of my old friends so that worked out.  But I just am not fired up about using it for anything else, really. 

So you will see me blog and I'll post the blog link on FB with a very very occasional fly-by FB post.  I don't think you'll mind-:). 

I do have to wonder if I'm getting to that point where one just decides they no longer want to advance with technology.  You know how someone always has the aunt or grandmother who just won't work a cellphone, or the internet and then everyone gets irritated with her?  Well, I completely understand.  These poor folks have followed technology up to a point and have now said, "Nope.  Not doing it.", to anything else.

I'm there.