Monday, February 28, 2011

My Roping Dummy-:)

My Roping Dummy is in the fancy Roy Rogers shirt

This past weekend the RD's band had a gig.  This is their second time out and it was a lot of fun.  Sounded good and the audience enjoyed it.

As most of you may know, the RD used to be a big band leader.  Wore a tux, sang Sinatra, and smoked a cigarette.  Well, not so much anymore.  Now he wears Roy Roger shirts (that's what I call them), sings Gene Autry songs and no longer smokes.  Takes a bit of getting used to but it seems to be working out just fine.

And just for his wife, he's thrown in a couple of songs written by Cole Porter (Don't Fence Me In)  and Johnny Mercer (I'm an Old Cowhand).

If you are at all interested in supporting independent music, I invite you to go over to
kickstarter and pledge a few dollars to help with the band's first cd. 
I'd never been to Kickstarter before, but it's a neat idea.  If your project is approved (has to have a beginning and an end), then you have a page where people can go to invest in your project.  There are benefits for folks at various support levels.  For instance, if you pledge $25, then you get a copy of the CD.  But even if you pledge $10, it would be greatly appreciated.  And another neat feature is that your funds are not taken until the project is 100% funded, that way you're not out money if they can't raise the funds.  So go over and share in the yippee-yi-yo!

Side Note:  The reason the husband is the RD on this blog is because his band is called, "Don and the Roping Dummies."  A roping dummy is something used to practice roping steer.  Here's what one looks like if you've never seen it:

Attractive, huh?

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Vintage Santo

I was over at Jennifer Rizzo's site where she had a posting on Santos dolls she was working with.  She featured another place called SantosCageDolls and I went over their and fell in love with their work.

As kid growing up in an old (like 1598 old) family from New Mexico, I remember going to mass at my grandma's church and seeing all the santos at the altar.  This is probably foreign to protestants but pretty much every Catholic - particularly Hispanic - family I knew had a few in their home. 

My grandma had them all over her house, but one room in particular seemed comforting and haunting with their presence.  The living room housed several santos which were more formal and therefore seemed special.  It was a room we were not allowed to play and of course, we always wanted to sneak in and play the pump organ.  The linoleum floor had a maroon background with white feather-like swirls through it and crunched under our feet as we tiptoped through the room.  We'd go into the room and begin pumping the organ peddles, trying to make sounds on it.  For those of you who've never pumped an organ, imagine being a very small child and pushing on those pedals - we were lucky if we could get a groan or two out of it.  The whole time we whispered so Grandma wouldn't find us, but then once the organ bellowed we'd scream because we'd scare ourselves, certain that one of the Santos was going to get us.  And then Grandma would come in the room and order us out in Spanish.   

As I said, they were both comforting and haunting-:).

I think this one is gorgeous.  Of course the last thing I need is a wooden doll to clothe.  One more project for my already scattered brain to get excited about.  But if you should care to buy her for me, I wouldn't complain...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts and all

Garland by Maisy & Alice

Yesterday I worked at the tea room (my sister has a tea room and I help her on weekends) and came home to a lovely dinner prepared by the CO Boy and the Roping Dummy.  The RD prepared the food while the CO Boy took control of the creative decorating.  Steak and potatoes - yum!  The ambience was perfect and thoughtful.  The CO Boy matched all the placemats, folded the dinner napkins, gathered the candles and placed framed photos on the table for me.  He then drew a card for me which was in front of my place setting.  Then we had "ginger ale in fancy glasses" (that's what CO Boy said).  It was really lovely.  The RD remembers when we had very romantic or lavish Valentine Dinners, and while I enjoyed those, this one was right up there with the best.

Unfortunately the CO Boy came down with a cold today.  I received a phone call from the school nurse who had us pick him up.  He was soooo upset.  Today was his Valentine party at school.  He'd prepared his cards and was looking forward to the celebration.  Side note:  I LOVE Valentines Day.  Next to Christmas it is my favorite holiday.  Love the pink, red and white.  So some of that must have rubbed off on him.  But perhaps you can remember what it was like to be so small and look forward to an event and have your hopes dashed. 

Now he is settled in resting and I believe we'll go upstairs and listen to music and snuggle.  A good way to end Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Restful sleep. Not

Sleeping Partners by Cecil Aldin

This is sort of what I look like in bed at night with the two dogs, and my guys all fighting for space.  Then I wonder why my back hurts.  I love this painting - done in pastels for a book Aldin published.  I'd love to have it.  But alas, the copies I've seen are hugely expensive for this HP Girl.

I may have mentioned before that the CO Boy and I like to draw before bedtime.  We try to do so at least once a week, but he has become quite fond of the exercise and last night he asked if we could draw every night.  Well hey, you don't have to ask me twice!  We sit in our pajamas, drawing pads on our laps, Stephane Grapelli on the CD player and quietly draw side by side.  It's the sweetest thing for me.

Last night he began to take an interest in drawing what you see.  He did his very best to copy a photo of a puppy who was pictured at a side angle with only part of his right eye showing.  Then he asked if I would show him how to use a tortillion to blend his pencil markings.  I must say (even if I'm a bit biased), the drawing was quite good for a first go.  The CO Boy is rather impatient, so I have explained to him how drawings are developed in layers and how we can't do all of it in one night, but rather, several nights.  He seemed satisifed with my explanation and we'll begin again tonight.  I'm a lucky mother to have a boy who enjoys some of the things I enjoy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Love

I devoured this book.  I absolutely adored it. 

Gothic themes are probably my favorite themes in books.  When they are handled well, as in Kate Morton's book, it makes me ache to be a better writer. Family inheritances of secrets and how the past impacts the present.  Minds that crack under the weight of these secrets.  I love it!

I can't begin to summarize the book.  I tried to do so for the Roping Dummy (aka husband), but I couldn't communicate the language of the book and do it justice.  Although he seemed to get the idea as he went to bed last night and had dreams about his own current reading.

Note:  I posted photos of the North American cover and the UK cover.  Which do you like?  I think I like the UK cover best, especially after reading the book.