Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Roping Dummy got a vacuum for Fathers Day

Not just any vacuum but the Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet Cyclonic vacuum.  Sounds serious, huh?  Actually we were at Home Depot and I saw it and knew I had to have it, as our vacuum has lost that lovin' feeling when it comes to pet hair.  The RD was thrilled.  Right.

Seriously, the whole Father's Day thing is something the poor man has to create on his own.  I'm the absolute worst at doing all the stuff you're supposed to do.  I mean, I birthed the CO Boy, what could I possibly do to top that?  So for his big day we went out to the stables and I rode a horse.  Yes, I rode a horse. Not him.  Just me. 

But let me explain.  I haven't ridden in oh, 15 years and I am in love with equines.  Truly, I don't really need to ride them but I do need to be around them.  So he got Miss Kim to give me a lesson today.  I've wanted to go back and learn a lot of the Natural Horsemanship methods, but with the CO Boy riding regularly, there is only so much money to go around for lessons.  At first I protested but then he made me shut up because he said I was ruining his fun.

Well, it really was fun.  My fun.

And not just fun, but gosh it was truly relaxing.  Sort of like yoga in paddock boots.  My stress just melts away when I'm around horses.  After I rode, he helped Miss Kim muck stalls and I groomed Bailey, MY horse-:).  I combed all the tangles out of her mane and her tail.  On the way home the RD says, "You know don't you, nobody else combs their manes or tails." 

Well MY horse gets her mane and tail combed.  End of story.

So my lovely husband watched me do ground work, ride and coo over Bailey.

Then I came home and used my Hoover Wind Tunnel Cyclone Pet vacuum!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Learning to fall the right way and a little stunt work

The CO Boy and his papi are doing horse camp this summer.  Every Tuesday the Roping Dummy  takes a playbook out of his stuntman past and teaches the kids how to tuck and roll if they get thrown, keeping their neck safe.  Then for fun they do some old western fight stunt work.  The CO Boy is the RD's assistant and demonstrates for each group of kids.  As you can see from his grin on his face, it's all good.  So please don't call child services on us, okay?-:)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cole Porter

See.  He even liked dogs. 

Happy Birthday, Cole.  He was born in 1891 in Indiana.  Such a debonair fellow to be from Indiana.  NOT that you couldn't be debonair and be from Indiana...

I wish I had a favorite Cole Porter song but I don't.  I just can't choose.  But I suppose, "In the Still of the Night," would have to be up there - such a beautiful melody.  Then I like, "Every Time We Say Goodbye."  Rosemary Clooney has a lovely recording of that one.  And then perhaps, "You'd Be So Easy To Love."  I could go on but I'll stop. 

Do you have a favorite Cole Porter song?  If you can't think of one, just think of something/anything Fred Astaire sang.  He introduced so many of CP's tunes to the world.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The devil is on my drive home from work

It's been so nice to drive home with the windows open in the evening.  One of the best things about living here is the summer evenings.

And then I pass by it.  I pray I don't get the red light at that intersection.  It calls to me. 

The Rainbo Bread plant. 

The smell of freshly baked bread is just one of those things that is just, well, just magnificent.  It's right up there with onions and garlic being sauteed.  Gotta love it.

So I resist the urge to make a hard right and barrel into the bakery attached to the plant.  Like I need bread.  White bread.  My spare tire will increase from one that's suppposed to fit an economy car to one that fits a Dodge 1500 pick up. 

My biggest food weaknesses are bread and pasta.  If you want to throw some butter into the mix, please do.  But you'll have to wait until I come up for air to talk to me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slipcover Love

Yesterday morning I came downstairs (the RD was already up and drinking his coffee) and the scene in my living room was enough to inspire another Grey Garden's movie.

The throw which is supposed to cover the old worn green upholstery on the couch, was bunched up and hanging off the side of the couch.  The CO Boy's action figure toys were strewn all over the 1950's ranch burger designed coffee table (pictures of that will come later). And Mercer was sitting on the head portion of the couch, looking out the open back door, waiting for someone to walk by so he could run and bark.  Right about at this moment, Gershwin took his entire 13 pounds and bounded up the sofa to go for the body slam, sending the two pups off the side of the couch.

If a normal person without a boy, without three dogs, without a husband who could care less about a clean house, had seen this...they'd think my house had been abandoned and wild dogs were using it as a hang out.  Sigh.

But back to the sofa.  I love this sofa.  It was given to us by the RD's dead aunt (well she didn't give it to us but her daughter did.  She was dead already...).  The shape is pretty and for a while the upholstery was in pristine condition.  Dead Aunt was one of those folks who had plastic over her furniture in the formal living room.  You know what I'm talkin' about?  But alas, the years have passed, the couch has suffered trauma from two pups who like to romp on it, one old "pup" who thinks she's sneaky when she gets up on it at night, and then the CO Boy who does high falls off of it.

So I need a slipcover, people.  That's what I need.  What do you think of these ideas?

From (I think)
The pink is a bit much to commit to, I think.  But the colors in the photo were appealing to me.  Can you imagine light pink slipcovers with the pups?  Me neither.

From Mustard Seed Creations

I love everything she does on her blog.  But I really like these pretty pleats at the bottom of the sofa.  But I know how long it takes to make those pretty pleats, and I'd like a slipcover before I'm 80.
 From LJC Style

A compromise on the pleats - they're bigger.  Not as cute.  But bigger.  Doesn't this look so comfy?  Makes me want to dive into those pillows which is exactly what CO Boy would do.  Glad we talked all of this out beforehand.

I also saw an article in the Mary Jane magazine that showed how you could use drop cloths for fabric.  Mucho savings because cotton duck cloth is a pretty penny per yard and my couch is not small.  So perhaps a trip to Home Depot is in order?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer with the CO Boy

The CO Boy has kicked off his summer vacation with friends sleeping over, movie night in our neighborhood, and spending the days out at the stables. 

Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid and you thought summer would never end?  Well that's where he is right now.  It's all pretty joyful to him.

He asked me if I had summer vacation.  But I enjoyed my Memorial Day out at the stables with him.  Maybe I'll ask my boss about that whole summer vacation thing-:).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Six in the Morning, Pushups and Me

Photos were not allowed as Laura and I wanted zero evidence of our wimpiness. 
This is a re-enactment of sorts - just picture two women lying face down in the grass.

Today was our first Bootcamp at 6 am!  We are, how shall I put it, out of shape??  Yeah, that'd be it.  Laura and I decided we needed a little kick in the pants, you know, a push.  Well we got pushed and kicked all over the park in my neighborhood.  Thank goodness it was early so our humiliation was only seen by the few early commuters.

Seriously, it was hard (never used a 10lb weighted ball before. Ouch.), but it was really great.  We were worn out by the end but it felt good and we managed to do everything the trainer asked of us, even if we did it slowly with grunts and groans.  So every Thursday morning during the month of June, we'll be at it.  Hopefully, I'll be able to post a photo of a pup bounding through the air by the last week!  Yeah.  That'll be us...bounding!