Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunt and Peck

One word..
Think, think, think...
Another word...
More thinking...

The Colorado Boy now has an email account.  He reads the emails sent to him from his aunts and is delighted.  He insists on replying nightly.  But I'm about to poke my eyes out waiting for him to type in the words.  He doesn't yet know how to "type" and so every.single.word. is excruciatingly time consuming.  Of course he has to do this with supervision so I'm doing everything in my power not to push him aside and just type the damn emails myself.  I've never been patient...

Now I'm off to research the best keyboarding software for kids.  Saw a Sponge Bob program and wondered if it was any good.  Suggestions from anyone??

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yves St. Laurent and Madeline Albright in one day

Bug pin from Madeline Albright's collection

Auntie is here for the weekend and generally when she is here, we don't venture too far from home.  Eat, nap, go to Target or JoAnn Fabrics, maybe HomeDepot if we're feeling wild.  But today the Roping Dummy suggested we go to the art museum.  We took in the Yves St. Laurent exhibit as well as the Madeline Albright, "Read My Pin" exhibit.

The St. Laurent show was just beautiful.  I'll be going back a few more times.  I promised to take one of my sisters and I'll have to go back with my sketch book just for the sheer joy of it all. 

The Albright show was also amazing.  She has a gazillion pins.  She points out that most are not expensive but the value is where they are from or when she wore them, etc.  For instance, the bug pin, pictured above, was worn when she met with Russian officials and she had recently learned they had bugged a State Dept. conference room.  Heh.  Got a sense of humor, that Madeline.

It was nice of the RD to suggest an art museum trip.  I've about had it up to here with boy stuff lately.  Just wanted something that didn't involve horses, cows, or learning to tie square knots.  He and the CO Boy kinda forget I'm a girl sometimes-:).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter at our place


Today was a beautiful day here!  We spent the morning at the stables and then came home for a lazy afternoon.  I put the final (please oh please...) coat of paint on my office desk and I'm ready for the top coat tomorrow.  It'll be nice to get it upstairs and actually have a place to write.

Had a rare occasion to just browse Netflix and watch an old movie.  We watched, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.  Do you remember that one??  Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney.  He was so handsome.  See, look:

He was way better than the guy who was in the TV series in the 70s (I think it was the 70s).

Finally, Mercer and Gershwin and I took a little nap curled up on the couch.  So rare to do that.

Hope your day was enjoyable however you chose to spend it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More dogs

Black and Tan Coonhound

The RD wants a coonhound.  To be fair, he didn't just come home one day and say, "Honey, I want a coonhound!"  Our neighbors are foster care folks for a hound rescue organization.  They are fostering a 3 year old boy who is the sweetest thing.  Only howls if he hears an ambulance.  He came over to visit with Gershwin and Mercer and they all did very well.  Of course Gershwin, the 13 pound alpha tried to show him his place.  Sigh.

We lost our sweet Ella in January and I had decided I would stick with my two boys and not add a third dog.  However, if the Colorado Boy and his dad have their way, I could be a proud mother of a black and tan coonhound.  The battle is ongoing, but I'm losing.

Been here before

CO High Plains

This photograph could have been taken in Eastern New Mexico where I grew up.  Instead, it's in my current neighborhood.  I ask myself once again, how did this happen?  Some times I really mean it and other times I laugh about it. 

Last night we attended a birthday party for my sister.  It was located on the other side of Denver and the scenery is vastly different.  Lots of pine trees, hills, etc.  While it was beautiful I told the Roping Dummy I preferred our side of the state and it's flat land with the grown tree here and there.

I didn't really appreciate the high plains of my childhood.  I was too busy wanting to leave.  But I really appreciate my surroundings now.  Some times when I'm riding on the back road from the Sonic, drinking a cherry limeade with the windows rolled down and the Colorado Boy beside me, I think of a happy moment from my youth.

Now to be honest, if someone gave me a little house on Catalina Island, I wouldn't think twice and I'd haul all of us back to CA.  But for now, we will ride down the back road and drink our cherry limeades.