Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two Princess Parties in One Day

I love my job at the tea room.  Really.  But those birthday parties can really kick my butt!  I'm running around trying to get the talent (Ariel or the Face Painter) all set up and trying to make the guests happy.  Basically, it's difficult for me to be "on" that long.  I'm not that happy of a person, people!

But the little girls all loved the party and while I'm about to fall into bed and snooze, in the end it was a success.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two jobs can get in the way of stuff

If only the office looked like that and I had those clothes!
I'll have to quit if Margo makes me wear one of those hats-:)
While neither of these pics is an exact representation:  My boss at the day job isn't a meanie like the Meryl Streep character in DevilWears Prada, but the subtleties needed to manage some of the high profile people we deal with remind me of this job.  And my sister is a MUCH better cook than Lucy (thank god we don't do chocolates), sometimes our days seem a little Ethel and Lucyesque.
However you look at it, I'm working two jobs for a bit.  My former boss needed a fill-in for my old position (the woman hired to replace me is gone - long story).  I love my old boss who is actually my friend, so of course, I agreed. 
I usually leave one place to go to the other, so I'm busy seven days a week for now.  I imagine I'll wrap up the old job in another month, just in time for the Christmas season at the tea room.
I miss posting on here, but I have been so darn busy and it's all I can do to do the stuff that needs to happen to keep life going.  And did I mention, our Cub Scout treasurer went AWOL and I'm now doing that too???? 
I'll be back soon.