Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Love

I devoured this book.  I absolutely adored it. 

Gothic themes are probably my favorite themes in books.  When they are handled well, as in Kate Morton's book, it makes me ache to be a better writer. Family inheritances of secrets and how the past impacts the present.  Minds that crack under the weight of these secrets.  I love it!

I can't begin to summarize the book.  I tried to do so for the Roping Dummy (aka husband), but I couldn't communicate the language of the book and do it justice.  Although he seemed to get the idea as he went to bed last night and had dreams about his own current reading.

Note:  I posted photos of the North American cover and the UK cover.  Which do you like?  I think I like the UK cover best, especially after reading the book.


Isabel said...

Haven't read the book yet (it's been on my list since I read a review long ago), but I like the blue cover best. Is that the North American cover (it mentions New York Times)?

Arlene said...

Yes, the blue one is the North American cover. I've got "The House on Riverton" on hold at my fab library. It was her first book.

Margaret said...

I think I would love her too, since I enjoy that genre of writing too. And they're well-written? I love both covers actually. :)

Arlene said...

I think you would like her writing. Did you read the 13th Tale? Only reason I ask is that several sites featuring Morton's books link to that book.