Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts and all

Garland by Maisy & Alice

Yesterday I worked at the tea room (my sister has a tea room and I help her on weekends) and came home to a lovely dinner prepared by the CO Boy and the Roping Dummy.  The RD prepared the food while the CO Boy took control of the creative decorating.  Steak and potatoes - yum!  The ambience was perfect and thoughtful.  The CO Boy matched all the placemats, folded the dinner napkins, gathered the candles and placed framed photos on the table for me.  He then drew a card for me which was in front of my place setting.  Then we had "ginger ale in fancy glasses" (that's what CO Boy said).  It was really lovely.  The RD remembers when we had very romantic or lavish Valentine Dinners, and while I enjoyed those, this one was right up there with the best.

Unfortunately the CO Boy came down with a cold today.  I received a phone call from the school nurse who had us pick him up.  He was soooo upset.  Today was his Valentine party at school.  He'd prepared his cards and was looking forward to the celebration.  Side note:  I LOVE Valentines Day.  Next to Christmas it is my favorite holiday.  Love the pink, red and white.  So some of that must have rubbed off on him.  But perhaps you can remember what it was like to be so small and look forward to an event and have your hopes dashed. 

Now he is settled in resting and I believe we'll go upstairs and listen to music and snuggle.  A good way to end Valentines Day.


Margaret said...

The dinner sounds lovely! My kids hated missing any special events at school--Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc... They had to a few times because of illness(and their mean mother), but not often. Hope that he's feeling better soon.