Thursday, March 3, 2011

Will he dance?

Angel Corella formerly of the ABT
class at ABT
I've been telling the Roping Dummy for quite a while that I suspect one of the CO Boy's big passions is dance.  Rewind for a bit of backstory:  I love dance.  Wished I could still dance.  Introduced CO Boy to ballet at a youngish age (he was probably the only kid in the theater who actually knew the story of the Nutcracker).  He loves watching dance of any kind, but seems to gravitate to ballet.  When we watch the Gene Kelly movies some of his favorite dances are the ballet sequences.

Last night he and I were watching some dancers on Youtube and he was captivated.  This morning the RD asked him if he would like to dance and he said he would. 

You know, you make every effort to expose your children to different experiences in the hopes that they will find something to light their passion for life.  The problem with this child is that he loves just about everything, so I sort of have to use my own intuition with him.  And my intuition tells me he may want to dance.  At least for now. I say he might want to dance for now because later on, the pressures he might face as he gets older will become difficult.  Once upon a time, all you had was teasing and name calling.  Now kids get abused for being different.  And I worry.  We all know how Americans view male dancers - they must be gay or very unmasculine at best.  However, if any of them caught sight of Angel Corella in his street clothes, they might think twice! 

There is a great Boys Ballet program in a nearby suburb but the scheduling won't work at the moment.  Perhaps this summer.  I'd like to give him the opportunity to at least see if he enjoys it.


Margaret said...

I think dance is such an expressive art, besides being physical. Ashley misses it SO MUCH. It's good for the mind, the body and the soul. I hope he dances!

Earthami said...

He is so certain in his body right now. I can see him blooming with it. Heck he even got my boy to dance by sharing his joy of it. I hope it works out.