Sunday, March 20, 2011


Rose Garden at Descanso

Lilac Garden at Descanso

Green Street Bridge in Pasadena

Rose Bowl Swap Meet!

Vintage Catalina Poster

Catalina Non-Vintage-:)

I'm a bit homesick these days.  Yes, I was raised in New Mexico and live in Colorado, but I consider Los Angeles my home.  People think I'm absolutely crazy to miss being there - they cite traffic, smog, too many people - but I loved it.  Above are some of my favorite places.  Yes, the Rose Bowl Swap Meet is one of them!  Nothing like that here and I love digging up a good flea market find. 

If I had my way I would have a tiny house on Catalina and live there.  But of course buying a garage on the island costs about a million right now, so it's doubtful-:)

Also, I love Descanso Gardens.  We would go there every season and there was always something to see.  It's a beautiful garden, but not as formal as the Huntington which is maybe why I liked it so much.  And I miss Lilac Season.  True , lilacs grow here and have a longer blooming season, but it was sort of an early spring ritual to visit the gardens and see all of their lilacs.

I think I might be homesick because it's been sunny.  I'd love to go for a visit but not in the cards this year.


Margaret said...

I like LA too--what I've seen of it during several gymnastics meets. I wouldn't want to, nor could I afford to live there--but it's a great place to visit. :)