Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love this photo

Watching Steer Wrestling
This was taken at our county fair a few weeks ago.  We had so much fun looking at all the exhibits, going to the rodeo and then the midway at night.  The CO Boy and I rode all the rides and I am officially too old to do this anymore.  By the fourth ride I wanted to throw up and he just wanted to keep on going.  Also, my chiropractor was none too happy with me afterward.  Nothing like being thrown in three different directions on a big hunk of metal put together by carney folk!

I know many people don't approve of rodeos, citing mistreatment of animals.  I have very mixed feelings about them.  I grew up with them and didn't give it much thought until I was older.  That said, the boy is sort of like me that way.  He hates the goat roping because we (he and I, NOT the RD) look at goats as pets.  And for me, I still wince when they do the tie down roping with calves.  They are babies, after all.  But the bronc riding and the steer wrestling and the team roping don't seem to bother me.  That might be wrong but there you have it.

The CO Boy heard angels sing and trumpets from heaven the first time he saw the bull riding event.  He is sure he wants to be a bull rider or a steer wrestler.  I've tried to explain to him that steer wrestling is a big man's event and he is highly unlikely to grow into a six-foot-something adult, given the genes of his two parents.  As far as the bull riding goes, I got nothin'.  I just keep stressing how dangerous it is.  But that is probably part of why he likes it.  We've tried to steer him (no pun intended) to team roping but he really wants to ride bulls.  ugh.  Yes, he will only be nine in October, with plenty of time to change his mind, but still.

My hockey mom sister says, "Let's put him on the ice.  That's safer!"  Right.  Because flying on a slab of ice at double digit speeds while other guys are trying to trip you is much safer.  True, no bull involved.  But still...she's crazy, I tell you.  And if our fears are realized and he ends up riding a bull, she will be in the front seats with all the stats on the bull and the other riders.

But my boy is growing up way too fast.  I see the time just racing past and I'm a little sad.  He is such a joy to be around and I will miss these days when he is older.  Riding bullls.


Margaret said...

Wonderful, touching photo! I don't think I've ever been to a rodeo. Much of it would probably interest me. I liked the bullfight when I was in Spain--until the end.

Bel said...

You are so right to treasure these times. Waay too fast. And not a thing you can do about it but just grab the moment, store the memories, and love every second.

Dolly said...

We used to go to the charreada at Pico Rivera, so I still have a soft spot for rodeos. Years later my brother and I got to know the organizers. They had pictures of Linda Ronstadt (yes!) back in her barrel racing days -- white jeans and white boots under white skirt flying (YES!). They reverently called her "La Leeeendaaaah!"

I dunno. There's just something about the rodeo. Is it the historical connection?

Arlene said...

Margaret: LOL! I'm sure the bull felt the same way.

Dolly, I dunno what the connection is, but boy, if you had told me 20 years ago I'd be raising a boy who wanted to be a rodeo cowboy, I would have laughed out loud. Thought the cowboy days were behind me!

Chelsea said...

Picture made me tear up...I miss you moohare.

Arlene said...

MOOHARE!!! When are we going to get together? I really miss you too. And I know you can relate to your boy growing up too fast.