Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Poirot and Chai Tea

This picture is apropos of nothing I have to say today, but I like it.  It's a drawing of Babe Paley.

We watched yet several more Poirot episodes this weekend.  I am laughing at how much the CO Boy is enjoying them!  I think he only gets a sliver of what is going on but he has a great deal of fun figuring out who did it. 

A medium-ish day at the tea room.  Had a princess party (bunch of 5yr. olds) and then grown up party going on at the same time in two different rooms.  I was tired because of the time change.  I think all three of us were a bit out of sorts and not quite on our game today.  Thank goodness it wasn't an extremely busy day.

The CO Boy and the Roping Dummy went to the Horse Expo.  RD worked the booth for the riding camp he helps with in the summer and the CO Boy made fast friends with some other little boy as they cleaned stalls and generally goofed around.  He announced today that he would really like his own horse.  Surprise. 

Tomorrow is my day off.  Tea room is closed on Mondays and I plan to put primer on my desk.  Remember the one I was sanding?  Well, after waiting for some decent weather, I was able to finish the sanding process and now I'll move on to the primer.  Yay.  I think it's going to be just lovely in the Lego Room.  I shall take more pictures of the process and post them.


Margaret said...

I bet I would love the Poirot!! However, I don't need to get addicted to any series. ;)