Sunday, April 1, 2012

Been here before

CO High Plains

This photograph could have been taken in Eastern New Mexico where I grew up.  Instead, it's in my current neighborhood.  I ask myself once again, how did this happen?  Some times I really mean it and other times I laugh about it. 

Last night we attended a birthday party for my sister.  It was located on the other side of Denver and the scenery is vastly different.  Lots of pine trees, hills, etc.  While it was beautiful I told the Roping Dummy I preferred our side of the state and it's flat land with the grown tree here and there.

I didn't really appreciate the high plains of my childhood.  I was too busy wanting to leave.  But I really appreciate my surroundings now.  Some times when I'm riding on the back road from the Sonic, drinking a cherry limeade with the windows rolled down and the Colorado Boy beside me, I think of a happy moment from my youth.

Now to be honest, if someone gave me a little house on Catalina Island, I wouldn't think twice and I'd haul all of us back to CA.  But for now, we will ride down the back road and drink our cherry limeades.


Margaret said...

Not how most of us imagine CO. I've been to Denver(just the airport) and then to CO Springs, which wasn't what I expected either. Maybe we just shouldn't expect. :)