Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Someone, kick me, please.

I like this.

It's true, you know, but oh so hard to do.  While I'm trying to live the life I'm capable of, I have to do laundry, get kids to horse camp and work.  Now I love all of that - except maybe not the laundry- but it's difficult for me to juggle.

This post and the one before sound so whiny and I just hate that.  But it's where I am right now and I guess I need to deal with it, because truly, I do hate whiners.

I've been taken over by laziness.  I simply can't manage to do anything but the necessary items required on the "to do" list.  I should change my "to do" list to include items that are important to my soul, but dang, who will wash the dishes, ya know??

Someone please yell at me so I can get out of this funk!!


Margaret said...

You sound like you feel powerless; maybe setting some goals(even small ones) would help. Making a small to do list always makes me feel productive, when I can check off items on it, that is! And laundry and cooking/cleaning can be done by many people--take turns?

Bel said...

That's not lazy. That's overwhelmed. Not sure who will wash the dishes, but you should consider starting scientific experiments with them and leave them around for several days. Think of the extra credit your son could get by documenting the results in his "What I Did Last Summer" report....

Dolly said...

I don't think it's laziness either; sounds more like boredom. A to-do list that doesn't change much from day to day just becomes drudgery. We're the only ones who can kick ourselves out of such cycles of "meh." Margaret's suggestion of small goals is a good one, especially if those small goals involved the soul-enhancing things you're missing.