Friday, January 28, 2011

A weak catalog moment...please let it pass

I received my Talbots Spring Catalog yesterday.  Oh my.

I love Talbots.  Yes, they are/were for old ladies.  But they have some really nice classic pieces and if you're going to have to buy a good wool pencil skirt, then buy the best you can afford.  It really will last you forever. And as I cannot afford couture, Talbots is often the best I can afford.  I have had a charge card with them for 25 years.  Yes, 25 years.  For awhile, they made me a little nervous because the clothes had gotten quite frumpy.  Then the new CEO came on board and they did a survey which showed even the old ladies who were previously their target market, weren't shopping with them.  Time to retool.  So they are working at becoming more relevant to stylish women of any age.  And it seems to be working.  Look at these beauties:

A basic silhouette, but the color combination of the black/khaki/turquoise is simply gorgeous.

I really did gasp when I saw this blouse.  Go to the Talbot's website to see the details.  Beautiful!

It's a spring weight cashmere sweater.  And it's fitted.  Who can resist?

Remember the preppy 80's denim skirt?  This is not that. 

And then they have this chambray ruffle thing.  I can't stand myself, I just want it!

A platform is but a dream at this point in my life.  Having sprained my right ankle FOUR times, I can no longer wear anything over 3 inches without being in immediate and agonizing pain.  But the color is so perfect.
Ditto on these guys.

But I could wear these little guys. 

These are those fab platforms again, but I had to post this picture because I like that they are using Dayle Haddon in their catalogs.  In her sixties, she's still beautiful and I struggle to find beautiful women over the age of 20 in the catalogs anymore-:).

No, this is not a Talbots photo.  But while I was thinking about beautiful women over 20, Carmen Dell'Orefice came to mind.  In her late seventies, she is probably one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.  I pray my hair will be that beautiful when it goes all white, but that's a pretty tall order.

And just one more photo to get my point across.

While I won't go out and buy these items, I do appreciate their beauty and the craftsmanship in their contstruction.  As a daughter of a seamstress, you can't help but notice certain details, fabric, color, etc. 

Fortunately, I've hidden my charge card and given my Fibro. Fog, I'm sure I can't remember where it is.  Lucky me!


Margaret said...

Very chic--I love that blouse too, although I could never carry it off. My one-click ordering on amazon already does me in, so I don't need a clothes obsession. :)

Isabel said...

I've always loved your eye and sense of style...always perfect.