Sunday, April 3, 2011

Revamping the Lego Room

Do you like this room?

Elegance & Decay eclectic bedroom
We have three bedrooms in our home.  The third one is supposed to be my office, but it has been taken over by any number of items a family member wants to make dissappear but perhaps not throw away.  As a result, I can barely walk through this room without tripping.  The CO Boy has dumped a bunch of Legos in the room along with a Hot Wheels race track.  He goes into the room to play with them and now he refers to the room as the Lego Room.  sigh....

I'm working up the courage and fortitude to clean out this room and reclaim it for my office/writing/art space. You know how they talk about Man Caves for guys?  Well this will be my Girl Cubby, as I could never be happy in a cave, but I could be happy in a small space of my own such as "the cupboard underneath the stairs" ala Harry Potter.  I don't need a lot of room.  In fact I LIKE small spaces and always have. 

So now I'm looking at images to inspire my Girl Cubby.  It needs to be cozy for certain.  I like to write on my laptop on the bed with pillows behind me or on the couch with pillows.  So a bed or daybed is a must.  No writing desk but need a place to put computer things such as printer, scanner, etc.

The room has a beautiful big window and faces South so you get lots of sun.  A good thing for me.  Still undecided about color.  Pink?   French Blue?  What?

So look at these photos and tell me what you think?  What makes a room feel cozy and make you not want to leave it?

Again with Room #1 - There are many things I like about this room.  Bookshelves, pillows, even the wallpaper.
Elegance & Decay eclectic bedroom

Room 2 - I like the day bed and the vibrant color.  Wavering on the color though.  Not quite warm enough.
Betsy Burnham  living room
image from Houzz

Room 3 - The color obviously makes me happy.  Again with the bed.  Is this too orderly for my creative, messy mind?
recent inspirations eclectic kids
Room 4 - Again with the color.  This has more of an office feel to it.  I like the giant bulletin board which is framed and I like how the work area is facing the window.  But not very cozy, huh?  Efficient, but not so cozy.
Home Office Inspiration traditional home office
Room 5 - This is Kim's office from Daisy Cottage.  She loves red and yellow and black.  It's inviting.
Dear Daisy Cottage- home office eclectic home office
image from Houzz

So what do you think?  Which one do you like and why?  What makes a room cozy, but not so cozy that you fall asleep and don't do any work (a problem that could definitely arise!)

Off to work at the tea room now...

PS:  It was 80 degrees yesterday and we are expecting snow this afternoon. Sigh...again.


Isabel said...

#1 is my choice, but I would get a daybed, use bigger (and fewer) pillows, see if I could find room for a very small writing table and simple high-backed chair. The table would allow for small paper crafting, such as laying out writing drafts with illustration.

I like the color. Blue would've been my choice for a bedroom; this color doesn't encourage sleep quite as much, so that would be good, but you could sleep there if you wanted without it feeling "wrong."

Margaret said...

I like #3 because I love that color. However, it is not very cozy. #1 has a relaxing feel to it. (a bit dark for my taste)

L said...

I'm torn between 2 and 3.
I love "feel" of 2 becasue it's bright and won't make you so cozy youfall asleep. however, 2 may allow you to get lost in your work and not be overstimulated and lloks like there might still be room for a few legos.