Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress Was Lovely...

But this little girl wore her tiara like nobody's business!

Now, everyone, don't be jealous that we can't all look as fetching-:). 

Didn't wake up to watch the event, but my Roping Dummy brought up my coffee and the laptop this morning and said, "Here's the dress."  He knew that was what I really wanted to see.  And the tiara.  Now the tiara was absolutely perfect.  It belonged to the late dowager queen and was from the 30's.  So understated.  So fab.  Her dress wasn't bad either.  Very Princess Grace of her.

But I think back to when Diana was married to Charles and how technology has just changed the whole viewing aspect.  I remember being at my sister's home in San Diego at the time and getting up at some ridiculous hour to watch the wedding.  But that was really the only way to see the dress, etc, immediately.  Now we wake up, go online, and bam there it is.

Now can we all please get back to work????-:)


Margaret said...

I liked her dress; it was simple and elegant. What a gorgeous young woman she is!

Dolly said...

I liked the dress, too; didn't like her eye makeup, though. Pippa's dress was fab. But what's with all the matronly dress/coat ensembles worn by the...uh...matrons...?

Arlene said...

Dolly: Yeah, there was a lot of frumpiosity going on with the matrons. I loved Pippa's dress best. Agree with the eye makeup - didn't look like her.