Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jerimiah Goodman

I love art work of interiors.  I find myself sketching chairs and armoires a lot.  I've shared Cecil Beaton's interior illustrations before but don't think I've ever mentioned Jereimiah Goodman. 

His watercolor works are so gorgeous and they make me "feel" the rooms.
Babe Paley's bedroom

Bruce Weber's home

a desk (I have no idea who it belongs to)

Library (again, no idea who it belongs to)

My sister, Lizzie, gave me House Proud for Christmas.

I have wanted this book forever!  It showcases illustrations housed at the Cooper - Hewitt Museum.  They are all watercolor interiors and just amazing in detail and feel.  It's a book that  makes me happy and I like to look through it when I'm sitting in bed at night.


Margaret said...

I love watercolors! They make me feel happy. My daughter does them and says it's a very difficult, unforgiving medium.

Bel said...

Ooh, la la. Beautiful. Gorgeous.