Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Roping Dummies and Kate Morton (or how I spent my 15th wedding anniversary)

The Chief Roping Dummy and I have been married 15 years today.  While we could have gone out to celebrate, we opted to stay in (it's a school night, ya know).

The RD and band members were at the house running through sets for their CD release party.  And here it is!

to listen go here.

Meanwhile, the CO Boy and I snuggled upstairs with the pups.  I was at the ever so critical part of a book - you know, when you've got, say, two chapters left. 

Man.  The ending was great.  Loved it.  While The Distant Hours, is probably still my favorite of Kate Morton's, The House at Riverton, was quite good.  Didn't see the conclusion coming until I was almost upon it!

Next up:

This is a children's mystery series I've thoroughly enjoyed.  Enola ("alone" spelled backwards) is a much younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.  Raised by their Suffragist mother she lives in London, always dodging the brothers who try to get her to attend a proper girls school.  Great fun.


Margaret said...

The book sounds really good; I've put it on my holds list. Wish it came in e-book though since I need some good reads for my trip to NY on President's Day weekend!

Bel said...

I'm expecting my Roping Dummies CD any second now! I'm glad to see they're on ReverbNation.

The House at Riverton is the one where the thoughts of the old woman are written so well. Her characterization was the best part of the book, I still think; I agree that The Distant Hours was best.

The Enola Holmes Mystery series sounds fun! I enjoy seeing Holmes' life presented from different perspectives; I like the cover on this, too.

Happy 15th and many more!