Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just now starting to relax and enjoy the ride again

Illustration by Roy McKie from "Snow"

Happy New Year to you.

I look back at my last post and see I was just trying to leave the old job and begin working full-time at the tea room.

Life was a bit stressful and out of control for three months.

I "eased" out of my old job, as my boss is a dear friend and I wanted to try and make it as easy as possible for her.  But then I had the new boss (my sister!) chomping at the bit for me to make the move full-time.  She'd made a list longer than my arm of things I needed to do when I went full-time.  Most of the list is still waiting because November and December were full of tea and cucumber sandwiches.

We served more people than I ever care to see in two months!  Explain to me how I - someone who does not like to be around a lot of people - managed to keep a cheerful game face?  But I did.  And on December 31st, The Tea Lady and I had MAYBE half a brain between the two of us and rang in the new year with success at the tea room.

Now The Tea Lady is golfing in Arizona - did I mention it's snowing here?  Yeah, she's like that -:).  Seriously, she is on a long weekend with her husband and taking some much needed time off.  So I'm at the tea room with our Prima (cousin in Spanish).  The two of us have managed not to burn down the building while The Tea Lady is gone so all is well.

A late morning for me.  The Roping Dummy and CO Boy are gone to the National Western Stock Show and I'm headed in to the tea room for late reservations.

Will post again tonight.  Hope you come back-:).


Margaret said...

Sounds like it's been busy but good. Changes always require adjustments, but you seem energized and positive. :)