Sunday, January 23, 2011


Drawing by Cecil Aldin

I don't have many "real live in-person" kind of friends, but of those few, I have some good ones.
Last night, I had a great meeting with the Nerd Club.  The Nerd Club is made up of my neice and nephew and moi.  We all write in one form or another and so our meetings surround the writing process, our goals, our frustrations, etc.  I used to babysit these two (they're cousins, not siblilngs, btw) and it's a real pleasure to know them as adults.  The photo above is of lazy puppies - a non-activity we have elevated to an artform!

Regarding the artwork, I LUV Cecil Aldin's work.  He was an illustrator known for his animal drawings, particularly dogs and horses.  I draw animals and can only dream to do work as beautiful as this.  But I keep trying-:)

(Gene and friends)
And then this afternoon I had a lovely visit with two girlfriends.  We met through our boys but have our own friendships which are a treasure  This was our first outing sans boys and we've decided on a monthly visit because it was glorious to sit there without boys!  Now we didn't sing and dance ala Gene, Debbie and Donald, but a great time was had nonetheless.

Of course you knew it wouldn't be too long before I posted a Gene photo.  For you newer readers, I adore him.  I could watch Gene Kelly movies 24/7 and be quite happy, thank you.  His dance sequences are mesmerizing and I could rewind over and over to see them. This particular shot is from Singing in the Rain

I've often read of the importance of being with friends.  You live longer, you're happier, etc.  But with this HP Life, it becomes so difficult to find the time.  But I can say I came home last night feeling cheered about life, and then today as well.  I must remember this.

Work day tomorrow and the CO Boy is after me to crawl in bed and draw. 
So that's what we shall do.


Margaret said...

I've always had wonderful friends, coffee dates and fun outings with my girlfriends--but it's only been since my husband's cancer that I've discovered how loving and supportive my friends are. They are there for me whenever I need them. I am so thankful.

Earthami said...

I'm so glad we found the time and are going to continue. Had I not met you I might have forgotten all about Gene and never introduced him to the Boy.