Friday, January 7, 2011

Why'd I switch and what's with the name?

Some of you have been with me at my old blog, LittleRuthie (LR).  I'd been there for a time, but when I decided to blog again, LittleRuthie didn't feel right (plus it's a Typepad blog, and I'm not wanting to pay up any longer.)

But also, my life has changed so much since I first began blogging at LR.  I wanted a change. 

And I sort of liked the name, "Hautes Plaines Girl".  Part of me is squarely in my world here on the Colorado plains.  I enjoy the open space and the annual county fair.  I mean, what's not to like about funnel cakes and 4H livestock judging, I ask you?  But the other part of me still wants to learn French, go to France and study and just live a life with a little less cub scouts, 8-yr. old baseball and Taco Bell.

But I'd be missing this:

The Colorado Boy's first time to sing publicly with his Papi (dad).


Colorado Boy in Utah with his papi.
And finally...

Fishing after school

So that's what's up with the name.  I'm conflicted.

Thanks Mary-Laure and Margaret for your French grammar advice.  I'm pretty sure, I'd have botched it up all on my own.  The whole gender agreement thing just messes with me.


Margaret said...

Beautiful photos and I love your new blog home!! I will be visiting here often.

Isabel said...

At last!!! Do you know, I've logged on to your Little Ruthie page EVERY DAY looking for some trace of you! Glad I know where your new home is. Those puppies are precious (especially that one with the crochet blankie).