Thursday, June 2, 2011

Six in the Morning, Pushups and Me

Photos were not allowed as Laura and I wanted zero evidence of our wimpiness. 
This is a re-enactment of sorts - just picture two women lying face down in the grass.

Today was our first Bootcamp at 6 am!  We are, how shall I put it, out of shape??  Yeah, that'd be it.  Laura and I decided we needed a little kick in the pants, you know, a push.  Well we got pushed and kicked all over the park in my neighborhood.  Thank goodness it was early so our humiliation was only seen by the few early commuters.

Seriously, it was hard (never used a 10lb weighted ball before. Ouch.), but it was really great.  We were worn out by the end but it felt good and we managed to do everything the trainer asked of us, even if we did it slowly with grunts and groans.  So every Thursday morning during the month of June, we'll be at it.  Hopefully, I'll be able to post a photo of a pup bounding through the air by the last week!  Yeah.  That'll be us...bounding!


Your boot camp buddy said...

Yes bounding it is, I can't wait!! It really did feel good even those side plank things and side stepping that makes you want to lose your breakfast (oh wait it was too early for breakfast). Thanks for motivating me to do it. It felt good! Xoxo

Isabel said...

Way to go! We're cheering for you out here! And we'll look forward to the bounding pup!

Margaret said...

I'm sure it went way better than that! Your tongue wasn't hanging out of your mouth and you didn't grow fur, did you? ;)