Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slipcover Love

Yesterday morning I came downstairs (the RD was already up and drinking his coffee) and the scene in my living room was enough to inspire another Grey Garden's movie.

The throw which is supposed to cover the old worn green upholstery on the couch, was bunched up and hanging off the side of the couch.  The CO Boy's action figure toys were strewn all over the 1950's ranch burger designed coffee table (pictures of that will come later). And Mercer was sitting on the head portion of the couch, looking out the open back door, waiting for someone to walk by so he could run and bark.  Right about at this moment, Gershwin took his entire 13 pounds and bounded up the sofa to go for the body slam, sending the two pups off the side of the couch.

If a normal person without a boy, without three dogs, without a husband who could care less about a clean house, had seen this...they'd think my house had been abandoned and wild dogs were using it as a hang out.  Sigh.

But back to the sofa.  I love this sofa.  It was given to us by the RD's dead aunt (well she didn't give it to us but her daughter did.  She was dead already...).  The shape is pretty and for a while the upholstery was in pristine condition.  Dead Aunt was one of those folks who had plastic over her furniture in the formal living room.  You know what I'm talkin' about?  But alas, the years have passed, the couch has suffered trauma from two pups who like to romp on it, one old "pup" who thinks she's sneaky when she gets up on it at night, and then the CO Boy who does high falls off of it.

So I need a slipcover, people.  That's what I need.  What do you think of these ideas?

From Houzz.com (I think)
The pink is a bit much to commit to, I think.  But the colors in the photo were appealing to me.  Can you imagine light pink slipcovers with the pups?  Me neither.

From Mustard Seed Creations

I love everything she does on her blog.  But I really like these pretty pleats at the bottom of the sofa.  But I know how long it takes to make those pretty pleats, and I'd like a slipcover before I'm 80.
 From LJC Style

A compromise on the pleats - they're bigger.  Not as cute.  But bigger.  Doesn't this look so comfy?  Makes me want to dive into those pillows which is exactly what CO Boy would do.  Glad we talked all of this out beforehand.

I also saw an article in the Mary Jane magazine that showed how you could use drop cloths for fabric.  Mucho savings because cotton duck cloth is a pretty penny per yard and my couch is not small.  So perhaps a trip to Home Depot is in order?


Margaret said...

Don't go white or beige either with dogs! :) Home Depot is my husband's favorite hang out.

Arlene said...

Margaret, I love going to Home Depot. Have no idea what to do with half of the stuff they sell, but I get all inspired and think I can do a "simple" DIY project, which then requires that I hire a professional to fix my mess!

Dolly said...

I like the flooring and lamp sections at Home Depot (hey, some girls go for diamonds...) Have you seen that some of the hoitier-toity shelter rags are referring to drop cloths as "painters' linen?" Now they can charge as much as cotton duck!

I'm with Margaret about the color.

Dolly said...

...argh: that should read "shelter mags."

Arlene said...

Hey Dolly: "Painter Linens"?? Well now, that certainly is one way to get the mark up! There is a fabric store in town that is huge and deals in upholstery fabric, etc. Cotton duck is outrageous - but last year, I scored 15 yards for 15 dollars, but it's pink. Been saving it for an armchair or something. Definitely not a couch. My dogs would have a field day with it.