Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The devil is on my drive home from work

It's been so nice to drive home with the windows open in the evening.  One of the best things about living here is the summer evenings.

And then I pass by it.  I pray I don't get the red light at that intersection.  It calls to me. 

The Rainbo Bread plant. 

The smell of freshly baked bread is just one of those things that is just, well, just magnificent.  It's right up there with onions and garlic being sauteed.  Gotta love it.

So I resist the urge to make a hard right and barrel into the bakery attached to the plant.  Like I need bread.  White bread.  My spare tire will increase from one that's suppposed to fit an economy car to one that fits a Dodge 1500 pick up. 

My biggest food weaknesses are bread and pasta.  If you want to throw some butter into the mix, please do.  But you'll have to wait until I come up for air to talk to me.


Margaret said...

My weakness is crunchy carbs like chips and popcorn. I need to work on it!! I do love fresh bread though too. :)

Dolly said...

And don't forget piling those sauteed onions and garlic on that fresh-baked bread...and then drizzling with butter...

Arlene said...

Dolly, you are eeevil. But I like the way you think-:).