Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Roping Dummy got a vacuum for Fathers Day

Not just any vacuum but the Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet Cyclonic vacuum.  Sounds serious, huh?  Actually we were at Home Depot and I saw it and knew I had to have it, as our vacuum has lost that lovin' feeling when it comes to pet hair.  The RD was thrilled.  Right.

Seriously, the whole Father's Day thing is something the poor man has to create on his own.  I'm the absolute worst at doing all the stuff you're supposed to do.  I mean, I birthed the CO Boy, what could I possibly do to top that?  So for his big day we went out to the stables and I rode a horse.  Yes, I rode a horse. Not him.  Just me. 

But let me explain.  I haven't ridden in oh, 15 years and I am in love with equines.  Truly, I don't really need to ride them but I do need to be around them.  So he got Miss Kim to give me a lesson today.  I've wanted to go back and learn a lot of the Natural Horsemanship methods, but with the CO Boy riding regularly, there is only so much money to go around for lessons.  At first I protested but then he made me shut up because he said I was ruining his fun.

Well, it really was fun.  My fun.

And not just fun, but gosh it was truly relaxing.  Sort of like yoga in paddock boots.  My stress just melts away when I'm around horses.  After I rode, he helped Miss Kim muck stalls and I groomed Bailey, MY horse-:).  I combed all the tangles out of her mane and her tail.  On the way home the RD says, "You know don't you, nobody else combs their manes or tails." 

Well MY horse gets her mane and tail combed.  End of story.

So my lovely husband watched me do ground work, ride and coo over Bailey.

Then I came home and used my Hoover Wind Tunnel Cyclone Pet vacuum!


Margaret said...

That vacuum looks cool! I want one. I'm terrified of horses. They do the opposite of relax me. :)

Denver Tea Lady said...

Now THAT's a nice father's day gift! Don't you just think of everything. I love horses and being around them, but I haven't ridden since I was a kid and our cousin, Rusty, through me on the back of one. I'm excited to go to Kim's July 4th bash at the barn and to listen to the Roping Dummies.

Dolly said...

Aw man, this reminds me of when Jim was riding in 4H, and his instructor used to slip me a free lesson if she had no other students that day. It's been at least a dozen years since I've been on a horse.

Anyhow, what better Father's Day gift than allowing Papi to watch his nearest and dearest enjoying themselves? Right? You did it all for him!

Also: Vacuums Are Yes! (Gawd, we middle-aged women are nerds...)

Arlene said...

Dolly, now did you ever think we'd get all worked up about a vacuum.-:) I wish you were here to ride with me. You'd really like it out where the stable is located. No attitude, just a lot of horses and places to ride.

Chelsea said...

Aren't new vacuums amazing? I realized I had really gone over the edge when I began vacuuming compulsively after we bought the new one... and now I'm not lurking. Aren't you proud? :)

Arlene said...

MooHare! You finally quit lurking. Thank you-:). Yes, who would have thought vacuums would make me swoon!