Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Someone, please give me $900 so I can buy these boots

Luchesse English Riding Boots

I know.  I'm a boot whore.  I get it.  But goodness, are these the most gorgeous things you've ever seen??  I saw them at Rockmount Western Wear, here in CO.  The leather feels like butter and they're just beautiful.  I wouldn't wear them to ride but I would get a great deal of use out of them otherwise.  I also like the buckles on the side.  My legs are fairly slender and I've always had challenges fitting a boot if it was supposed to be snug.  These boots with some slender jeans tucked in and a warm sweater.  Oh my.

I can't help myself.  I may need an intervention at some point.


Margaret said...

Those boots are awesome...but $900? Ack.

Arlene said...

Margaret, I have lost all perspective when it comes to boot purchases. A pair of $200 boots sounds like a bargain to me and I won't think twice about picking them up. A pair of $600 boots, if they're handmade, well...I own a pair. These are handmade as well but I'm not quite there. But I know I'll get there someday!

Dolly said...

Those are gorgeous. I wonder if they come in pleather...(I know: blasphemy!) You don't know what sacrifices in fashion I make!