Monday, July 4, 2011

A chance to finally sit down

Not my porch...but I do have a cute porch with a rocking chair...

We have been going at a break-neck pace for the last week or so.  Lots going on that all needed to go on at one time. 

My sister has moved across the alley from me.  Yes, you heard me right. Across  the alley.  In our neighborhood we have driveways that are set behind the houses and you can stand on your back porch and talk to your next door neighbor.  Or your neighbor across the alley.  Some folks think it's crazy that we live so close but we're both quite happy with it.  We do a lot for one another - I take her dog to the groomer and pick her up, do stuff for the tea room, etc.  She watches the CO Boy every Monday and has even picked up a spare child in the process (Augie's friend usually joins them).  So it's quite wonderful to have her so close.  The CO Boy is already used to it.  Like she's lived across the alley forever.  And all the little kids in the neighborhood know "Tia Margo", because of the CO Boy.

So that was the first thing that had to happen.  She had to move into the house because she sold her old house across town.  Now I didn't help much, but I had stress just so I could share. You know, sisters and all...

Then we had Auntie come for a visit.  She lives in L.A. and needed her CO Boy time.  Before she booked her ticket I told her we'd be out at the horse stables during this holiday weekend because we were helping Miss Kim with an Independence Day celebration.  Auntie, in what must have been a deluded state, said, "Oh that'll be fun."  Auntie is a CITY GIRL.  But check out this photo of her with the Monte and Scott from the chuckwagon

This was taken at the end of the day, after she'd been stuck under a tent selling water and sodas to folks.  By then she'd had a tasty dinner, courtesy of Monte and Scott.  Plus the sun was going down and it was still stinkin' hot but shaded at least.

So Auntie's visit was the second thing that was happening.

And then the aforementioned Independence Day party out at the stables ocurred.  The Roping Dummies were playing the event and I helped with various parts of the event.  It was our first rodeo for this event, and while there were some kinks (I spent six hours taking money on the dirt road and directing folks to a field for parking), it went well and everyone had a great time.

The CO Boy getting ready to show off.

Biscuits from Monte's chuckwagon

Don and The Roping Dummies

So that was the third thing happening.

May not sound like much but I'm just one tired pup.

So today we are having a semi-pajama day.  We're taking Auntie to lunch and then coming home to be lazy and maybe, just maybe, I'll get my kitchen cleaned.


Isabel said...

Overwhelmed just reading about it!

It's so exciting that Tia Margo has made yet another big change -- and that she's right next door! How funny that Augie takes it all in stride...his universe moves the way it should.

And it's no surprise that Auntie would have a great time! Wonder if she'll be sending pics of the event.

How great for you, too. Crazy busy, and yet you still have enough stress left over to help out the family. Superwoman in pajamas. xo

Margaret said...

That is a LOT of activity--and in the heat, no less. It sounds fun though. I would like that to be my porch!!