Friday, July 29, 2011

Do I Look Crazed???

I sure feel crazed.  Been a busy couple of months.

Summer has just breezed by and I want about three more months of it.  We've had a good time the past couple of months but it's been chock full of stuff.  The CO Boy begins 3rd grade on August 10th!

I need to post photos of my living room floor!  (sorry for the nonexistent transition there). I simply adore it.  When the RD comes back from his gig, I'll steal the camera and take a few shots.  So once I got the floor finished I moved on to getting the remaining carpet clean and it really makes such a difference.  Of course Ella, Gershwin and Mercer will soon take care of my clean carpets.  If they weren't so darn cute, I'd make throw rugs out of them-:).

My nerd group meetings with the niece and nephew have been sporadic this summer, but the last one was extremely helpful.  The niece read the manuscript that has been waiting for finishing touches, and she was able to offer some substantial suggestions.  I'm actually eager to write again.  I've tried focusing on one manuscript at a time - finish it and then move on.  But my brain doesn't work that way.  I'm a butterfly, not a panther.  So I work on MS for a bit and then my attention is captured by another.

I've had precious little time to write these days but I can never go too far from it.  It's like a rock in your shoe.  Just bugs you until you take it out. 

I'm halfway through cleaning out the Lego room, people!  It could happen!  But perhaps not tonight.  The CO Boy has gone up to Vail to visit the RD's cousin so we have a weekend without him.  The RD and I have a hot date tomorrow night, but tonight, he's at a gig and I'm going to crawl in bed with my pups and read.  Yesterday's bootcamp kicked my butt, or rather my legs.  Waaaay too many squats. But remember, bounding is the objective here...I shall be a bounder one day instead of collapsing on the grass.


Margaret said...

Yes, very crazed!! I would love to see photos. I've been putting many of them up lately, just to show people my dilemma over floors, sinks, etc... :)