Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where we turn the Grey Garden mess into an actual house again

Home eclectic living room
Not my living room, but I love this floor.

I'm getting wood floors!

It's just in the living room but that is by far the most needed area.  Side note:  Have you priced wood for stairs?  OMG.  They'd cost more than the living room, so we'll be sticking with carpet on the stairs and in the bedrooms.  I'm beyond excited.

When we lived in L.A. we had wood floors and they're just so much easier.  And now with three dogs and a boy, the carpet takes a major beating.  Stains just don't come out after a while.  The picture above is darker than the color we selected.  Ours is more of a honey/maple color.  I, of course, wanted this gorgeous dark stained oak but it was soooo expensive.  So we have this instead and I think it will be lovely. 

The dogs will have some adapting.  Gershwin is quite used to launching his 13 lb. body off of the carpet and on to a chair.  Won't be so easy.  One friend asked if I was concerned about the dogs scratching the floor and I responded with an emphatic, "absolutely not!"  I love scuffed up hardwood.  Not one for pristine looking things. 

So tomorrow I'll be working from home as they begin a two day installation.  Woo hoo!


Margaret said...

I love my hardwood--but it does show everything. (It's kind of dark) For our family room, we have nice soft carpet. We like to sit on the floor when we play games, so that's perfect. Can't wait to see photos of your transformation. :)

Bel said...

LOL! I can just see the dogs skidding across the room the first couple of times they charge through the house! But the floor will be lovely, and hardwood floors can take a beating.

Excited for you!