Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter at our place


Today was a beautiful day here!  We spent the morning at the stables and then came home for a lazy afternoon.  I put the final (please oh please...) coat of paint on my office desk and I'm ready for the top coat tomorrow.  It'll be nice to get it upstairs and actually have a place to write.

Had a rare occasion to just browse Netflix and watch an old movie.  We watched, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.  Do you remember that one??  Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney.  He was so handsome.  See, look:

He was way better than the guy who was in the TV series in the 70s (I think it was the 70s).

Finally, Mercer and Gershwin and I took a little nap curled up on the couch.  So rare to do that.

Hope your day was enjoyable however you chose to spend it.


Bel said...

Your Easter sounds beautiful...ours was chaotic but happy.

I thought the movie Ghost & Mrs. Muir was lovely, if only because of the leading actors. I thought the guy on the TV series was nice looking, too, though. I didn't understand, until I saw the movie, how young Mrs. Muir was supposed to be, since Hope Lange seemed older. Never saw the end of the series to see if she walked into the afterworld with the Captain.