Sunday, April 1, 2012

More dogs

Black and Tan Coonhound

The RD wants a coonhound.  To be fair, he didn't just come home one day and say, "Honey, I want a coonhound!"  Our neighbors are foster care folks for a hound rescue organization.  They are fostering a 3 year old boy who is the sweetest thing.  Only howls if he hears an ambulance.  He came over to visit with Gershwin and Mercer and they all did very well.  Of course Gershwin, the 13 pound alpha tried to show him his place.  Sigh.

We lost our sweet Ella in January and I had decided I would stick with my two boys and not add a third dog.  However, if the Colorado Boy and his dad have their way, I could be a proud mother of a black and tan coonhound.  The battle is ongoing, but I'm losing.


Bel said...

And if I lived in your house and had a vote, you'd still be losing! :D