Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yves St. Laurent and Madeline Albright in one day

Bug pin from Madeline Albright's collection

Auntie is here for the weekend and generally when she is here, we don't venture too far from home.  Eat, nap, go to Target or JoAnn Fabrics, maybe HomeDepot if we're feeling wild.  But today the Roping Dummy suggested we go to the art museum.  We took in the Yves St. Laurent exhibit as well as the Madeline Albright, "Read My Pin" exhibit.

The St. Laurent show was just beautiful.  I'll be going back a few more times.  I promised to take one of my sisters and I'll have to go back with my sketch book just for the sheer joy of it all. 

The Albright show was also amazing.  She has a gazillion pins.  She points out that most are not expensive but the value is where they are from or when she wore them, etc.  For instance, the bug pin, pictured above, was worn when she met with Russian officials and she had recently learned they had bugged a State Dept. conference room.  Heh.  Got a sense of humor, that Madeline.

It was nice of the RD to suggest an art museum trip.  I've about had it up to here with boy stuff lately.  Just wanted something that didn't involve horses, cows, or learning to tie square knots.  He and the CO Boy kinda forget I'm a girl sometimes-:).


Margaret said...

That's a very stylish pin--and I love the story behind it! :)

Bel said...

Glad you got some play time with your girlfriend and got to see some feminine things...sometimes all that boy stuff can be wearing...